Thermal Comfort Resources

Here are papers and links from significant figures in Thermal Comfort eg. Dr Richard de Dear, Dr Gail Brager, Dr Richard Aynsley, Dr Stephen Szokolay:

1. An adaptive model of thermal comfort Drs Richard de Dear, Gail Brager & Donna Cooper, 1997

2. Options for Assessment of Thermal Comfort/Discomfort for Aggregation into NatHERS Star Ratings – by Drs Aynsley & Szokolay, 1998 – see file below.

This report was commissioned to provide guidance for the NatHERS comfort approach, and has a good overview of thermal comfort approaches.

There is a minor typo – p 27, where the dT should be 6*(v – .2) – 1.6 * (v – .2)^2, and it should be also noted that the equation does not account for the influence of humidity above a temperature of 28 degrees C.